Media Blackouts: Ukrainian Protest Against the U.S., Political Prisoners in Israel and the Truth about Rwanda

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Did you know that Kiev?s anti-Russian regime installed in a February 2014 coup by the U.S. does not permit protest? Or that there are currently six thousand Palestinian political detainees in Israeli prisons? And what really happened on April 6,?

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BOW BAN : Messeh, Mes-she, Messiah. Messeh means “to anoint”, using the fat of a crocodile

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Messeh, Mes-she, Messiah.
Messeh means “to anoint”, using the fat of a crocodile from
whence the word Messiah comes.
In Judaism, it’s the Messiah
In Islam, Jesus (Isa) is also considered the Masih, or Messiah, and his eventual return to the Earth is expected with that of another messianic figure, the Mahdi.
Christian connotation of the word “saviour,” is the same word Messiah, these are religious versions, and have no correlation to the source, only that they copied the true stories.
Religion, Re-ligion, Re means to do again, re-do, Ligion means Union, which is Re-Ligion meaning “Re-Union” do you see how man is so stupid..

”Messeh” the anointed one…..
Although the ancient A’aferti “The Choice” (Pharaoh is a Greek translation) were anointed, and the true Tama-re ” Egiptian/Egyptian word was taken from the Egiptian language ”Messeh” which means ”Crocodile” (for strength) the fat of the…

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An Alternative To Vaccinations And Chemo? Smelling Farts May Help Prevent Cancer…Yep You Read That Right…

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Phew  WTF…Something smell rotten about these reports of farts curing diseases.Oops weirdo Treatment…a fart a day keeps the doctor away!Phew am not for it Yikessss

~ Galactic human ~

Published on Apr 2, 2015

In the ongoing quest to find a cure for cancer a new study has surfaced that is suggesting an unlikely therapy. “smelling farts”
Yes you heard me correctly, smelling farts.

fart stinks

Dr. Mark Wood, a professor at the University of Exeter in England, stumbled upon the groundbreaking therapy when studying acute exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide.

Hydrogen Sulfide is the gas that’s produced when food is broken down during digestion. It is also the smell of rotting eggs.

Wood praised Farts as the “healthcare hero” that will have “significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases,”

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The report, published by the “Medicinal Chemistry Communications Journal, suggests that…

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I’m in Love with the COCO[a]: More Black/White Duality

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For me, it all started when a snarky status was posted by a friend on social media about the nonsensical (or so it seems) recent track, “CoCo” by O.T. Gena[I]SIS. The song (if you want to call it that), features a CHOCOLATE-colored (BLACK) man rapping about (WHITE) COCaine. See below for the music video.

This song/video encodes the theme of duality because we have the BLACK (CHOCOLATE) man rapping about WHITE COCaine. Relatively new to the mainstream, the featured genre of music is known as “tRAP.” Most tRAP is LOW-vibrational music. This is pretty fitting, as it “tRAPs” one in a LOWer vibration. It is very blatant in some of the lyrics (I got it for the LOW, LOW).

If you want a good laugh, check out…

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2015: Capricorn, Goats, and Azaleas

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The beef between Iggy AZALEA and AZEALIA Banks<–(13ANKHs) resurfaced about a week and a half ago. AZEALIA Banks expressed how she really felt about Iggy AZALEA during an interview with HOT 97. Please see the video below.

iggy azalea azealia banks

Why is all of this AZALEA/AZEALIA news surfacing now? Not only do the two women RAP, but both have very similar names which we must examine further. AZ is OZ, because vowels are interchangeable in code-cracking. Iggy AZ(OZ)alea is originally from AUS/OZtralia. Rearranging a few letters around, we get “AZAZEL” which means “scapeGOAT” in Hebrew. As mentioned by JusTIN Lyons in “The Kitchen Sync” group on Facebook, “OZ” (EZ/AZE/עֵז) means “GOAT” in Hebrew…particularly FEMALE GOAT.  OZ77. We’ll…

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This is not a time for condemnation and punishment.

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Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday November 22nd.

Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Saturday November 22nd 2014. Today he is once again talking to us about the closeness of our awakening. Again I will share with you our complete communication.

Jesus Blog # 239 for ​Saturday November 22nd 2014. Channeled Friday November 21st 2014 17.10.

Me:  Good evening Dear Jesus.  Thank you very much for your last message.  Is this a good time to start a new one?  I think I’m relaxed enough if you are free and willing.

Jesus:  Good evening John.  Yes I’m ready, willing, and enthusiastic about the idea.  There is so much to tell because so much is happening.  Yes, it really is.  Glorious delight is in store for you all SOON!

Me:   Well, there has been so much disappointment that it’s now way past the time to reverse the flow and…

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Mercury Rx 10-4 Code

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Today, Mercury went retrograde! Mercury goes retrograde about three to four times yearly. When this happens, the planet Mercury slows down, and appears to stop (station), and move backward (retrograde). During this time, we are advised to hold off on our traveling plans and signing contracts. We may also experience technical difficulties with our electronics, like our phones, computers, etc. Since Mercury rules COMMUNICATION, anything involving this may be affected.

Mercury and the symbol for Mercury~ Mercury/Hermes rules COMMUNICATION.

Mercury Retrograde 2014Today’s date is October 4th, or 104. 104 is an APCO code for “I understand your transmission.” It’s CB radio lingo. In other words, it is a COMMUNICATION code.

10-4 Roger That

How appropriate that today’s date just happens to be 104/tenfour! If we flip the 104 to 410, and add 1 digit to 10, we get four

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