Ronda Rousey explains choice of ‘Bad Reputation’ for walkout music


Ronda Rousey Ronda Rousey

Very few fighters in the UFC have consistently impactful, memorable walks to the cage. [autotag]Ronda Rousey[/autotag] is one of those few. A fighter whose walk to the cage seems to bring the MMA world to a standstill.

Rousey (11-0 MMA, 5-0 UFC) walks to the tune of “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett, a scowl on her face that portends the violence she plans to unleash on her opponent.

Rousey spoke to Wall Street Journal about her choice of her now iconic walkout music.

“Lots of professional fighters want their walkout song to sound like the “Rocky” theme—you know, regal and inspiring,” Rousey said. “I’m more on the theatrical side, so I needed something gritty, with a lot of attitude.”

Rousey originally used the song “Sex and Violence” by The Exploited, but the song wasn’t exactly fit for broadcast in the eyes of Showtime.

“It was hard to choose a…

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