COMPERSION is the opposite of JEALOUSY! hmmmmmm

Skai Juice

I interviewed Kenya K today on my Ustream channel. We were talking about Progressive Love.  I mean this woman really knows her SHIZ!  She asked me….Do you know what the opposite of jealous is?  Honestly, I never even thought about it.  She said… COMPERSION!  I was like…This I have to look up. So in my little googleing….that is how we research now…I stumbled upon this article that I thought I would share that demystifies this new word…well, at least to me:

A crazy little thing called…

By Eric Francis

Compersion begins the first time we are turned on by someone else’s pleasure, or the idea of someone else’s love for anyone besides us. You may think this is totally out-to-lunch. But for some people it’s totally natural. There are those who are not the “jealous type,” and then there are those who just love love, no matter who’s it…

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