The Holographic Vision

The New Divine Humanity

july2014jpg 3

Filled with Light, the Moments just Are,
flowing though you, effortless, holding no thing, Afar.

When you flow in this ease, as all is ~ as it Is, 
momentous changes occur, and this infinitely Brings.

The Wholeness of Light, as a Living Source,
Solar and Cosmic, an eternal Force.

Awakening through you, in your Heart,
the Holographic vision, with you as a Part.

Of the Now moment Space Time, as you Master All,
Completing within you, your Destiny Call.

Not looking to the Future as Separate, and the Past,
but understanding Within you, that your Union is Vast.

Aligning all Moments, as they are, as One,
looking only within you, and it is Done.

Feel and Breathe deeply, all that arises from the Void,
the newness and shift, All Hearts, Overjoyed.

It is simple you see, and I leave you with this,
do not look our there, simply enter your…

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