Malaysia Flight MH370 & The Role Of The Galactic Federation Forces Of Light

Family of Light Teachings™


Family of Light Channelling

Message Received March 15th, 2014

Greetings to our physical Family of Light. We are so eager to communicate with you and act as a representation of your non-physical Family of Light. There is much to discuss and so we will begin straight away. Today we would like to discuss these predictions that have come forth. These messages that are circulating all over the internet speaking about BIG CHANGES on the planet in regards to UNIVERSAL GALACTIC FORCES providing assistance and changing the course of human histories. This is precisely what we would like to discuss today.

Firstly, what we must convey is that channeling is a process that must be understood fully to embrace what we will say next. When one channels information from any non-physical source, the information is filtered through the physical form using their collected information. In this sense the information that is…

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