Pathworking 101

Book of Shadows and Light

Today I’m going to discuss one of Cabala’s most powerful tools: pathworking. Pathworking is trance journeying upon the Tree of Life. This is the world of the ceremonial magician, today’s heir to ancient Jewish mystics who traveled the hechalot (heavenly palaces) in their mystical merkabot, or chariots.

This is the symbolic realm portrayed in the Golden Dawn’s initiation ceremonies and the transformative inner plane traversed by Aleister Crowley and described in his classic, The Vision and the Voice. This is the home of both the Enochian and Biblical angels, and a doorway to worlds beyond. If you’re already well-versed in a trancework practice such as shamanism, then you’re well on your way. If you’re not, then this tutorial will give you the tools to begin this type of practice.

The first step is to grab a Tree of Life and a pack of Golden Dawn type Tarot cards. Some appropriate…

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