Page #63 Spellcasting #30 Law #17 Self-Knowledge

"Bass Ac-Words"

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Page  #63
Spellcasting #30
Law #17

    “G’Huw’Arghu’Yooo?” ~Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Conan the Barbarian”
(Translation: “Who are you?”)

 This is the page I’ve truly been dreading!
How can you give a “guideline”, a concept so narrow, to address a potential so great? The very nature of the human Identity is art. It mixes it’s paint from the ever-growing shades & hues of experience and, for weal or woe, paints these amalgams into it’s very reality model. The model you carry that says “This Is The World” is carried into every conversation, determines every reaction, and shatters traumatically at every new drastically divergent experience, only to be repainted with the colors of this new experience: It is You.

…but is it all there is to you?

It’s in the daily rituals, the weekly routines, and the weekend getaways.  It’s in the skills you wield, the faiths you hold as…

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