Listening to the Signs

Dawn Rogers


When we open up to & ask for guidance, we will get exactly that but will we notice it?

We can receive guidance from Spirit but this guidance can sometimes be very subtle & easily missed.

The language of our Higher Self & Spirit is that of symbols & messages of guidance can & will come through in ways that are meant to stand out, so what is it that we are looking for?

  • lyrics on the radio
  • license plates
  • billboards
  • scents
  • gut feelings
  • numbers
  • dreams
  • and a million other signs that are meant to generate an emotional response

The key to actually getting the message is to (one) be open to it, and (two) be present enough to see it when it happens.

What triggered me to write this post was my acknowledgment to myself of how much more likely I was to not only receive, but also notice, the ‘good’ signs than…

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