Divorce thy Truth Movement

The Celtic Rebel

A voice from the past resurfaced this Sunday: Jeremy from The Stygian Port, aka my partner in time crimes from old podcast days. Our repairing may not match the draw The Naughty Nuns pull down, but despite dearth of naked virgins, twas good.

naughty nunspapa bear

We came out swinging on against eye-con Franklin Roosevelt, who in all likelihood was quite the deviant. We may not have “proof,” but there’s his name, the implications of the former, and the implications of the latter. Why cover it up?

Was nice to have my sidekick, cohost, straight-man back again. His fanbase will doubtlessly be happy, though the worms may not. The show’s above [download].

to be or notflaming prince

Here’s the quoted inside joke from Hamlet, allegedly written by that [possibly quite literally]wankerShake Spear, courtesy of one Bacon for us Nu Hams:

Upon his bloody finger he doth wear

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