Come Out of the Closet Chief

The Celtic Rebel

I’ve long suspected that Georgie Boy was a bit of a homosexual, or at least, a closet case. These pics lend some credence to that line of thinking…

He also throws like a girl….

This picture simply speaks for itself…

Then there’s the steamy torrid affair he’s allegedly been having with Tony Blair, another long-suspected flamer.

And here he is, getting rather close to “up and coming” reporter Jeff Gannon.

For those who don’t know, Jeff, is a confessed $200-an-hour gay escort in the DC area. He also owns (and contributes photos of self to) the following web sites:,, and Gannon, also, SOMEHOW, managed to get on the White House press corps, despite almost no journalism experience (normally, it can up to twenty years of major network experience to even be considered). Here’s a more telling photo of Mr. Gannon…

And let’s not forget that Georgie Boy…

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