Boy Toys of the Gay-lites

The Celtic Rebel

“This is what we’ve waited for. This is it, boys. This is war.” These royal pricks have finally done it. You can only push the Rebel so far. They’ve long since engineered most of American and Western European girls into self-deprecating whores, good for a shag [barely] and not much else. But now, they have crossed the [proverbial] line … those dick-heads have set their gun-sites on Brasil.

butt sexbutt sex

When Tanerlorn comes under attack, it is incumbent on all warriors to rise to the occasion and fight. Hence, this Celtic Warrior appeared on Kyle Hunt’s Star Theory blogcast to air just a few of the gay-lites dirty little secrets [downloadable]:

The material presented in the show, and herein, is by no means everything, but had Tanerlorn been left unmolested, I, out of laziness, would have probably left well enough alone. The proverbial cat is out of the [brown]

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