TWINning TransaGEMda


We have two major themes teaming up lately: the GEMINI TWINs and transgenderism. We just entered the sign of the GEMINI TWINs on May 21st.


Laverne Cox, star of ORANGE Is the New Black, was featured on the cover of Time magazine last week. She’s the FIRST transgender human to be featured on the cover. In the interview she does for Time, she admits she has an identical TWINBROTHER. In season one of the show, her TWINBROTHER plays the role of Marcus Burset, the man transitioning into the female Sophia Burset. Cox was born on May 29th, making her and her TWIN BROTHER, GEMINI TWINs.

Laverne Cox Time Cox appears on the June 9, 2014 edition of Time Magazine.

SOFIA is the FIRST transgender woman on Time Magazine.SOPHIA/SOFIA is the FIRST transgender woman featured on Time Magazine.

OITNB Laverne Cox and twin brother M. Lamar as Marcus Burset and Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset in Orange…

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