Avengers assemble take 2: Real life heroes

Something for a rainy day

#CapForStrat Avengers assemble prostate cancer

So in less than 24 hours the number of tweets and retweets we’ve had for mission #CapForStrat has been amazing, and I’ve been truly overwhelmed with your support – thank you so much!

Through the wonders of the six degrees of separation phenomenon (though we have found it to be less than six degrees) that social media is so good at facilitating, our message has got through to the people at Disney and Marvel, and we’re waiting to hear back about whether they’ll be able to help us make it possible for dad to see The Winter Soldier before he dies.

I know that they get plenty of requests like this all the time, and it must be impossible to answer them all, so I am very grateful that they are even considering the options for us here. Thank you so very much to everyone who tweeted, emailed, and otherwise found us…

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