Why do I love Nelson Mandela?

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Nelson Mandela in 2004 at a Cape Town school celebration for him

It is strange to feel like you love someone you’ve never met. And I don’t mean love in the way a teenager loves a musical heartthrob. I’m talking about how I, and millions of others around the world (and particularly in South Africa) feel about Nelson Mandela whom we affectionately call by his clan-name “Madiba”.

When Princess Diana died, in the week that followed her death, I was glued to the television, and by the time of her funeral, I’m ashamed to say I wept as if it was a dear friend who had passed away. I’m embarrassed because that wasn’t real feeling, though I still think she was a special woman and an inspirational humanitarian, but that was weeping induced by media manipulation.

In my defense, though I don’t defend tears when I watch a movie, that…

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