The Meaning of Expansive {CREATIVITY}….

So, just a brief “intro” the whole idea on “creative” #MANIFESTATION is about, one simple thing:

Inspiration. Can we feel “fulfilled” n’ Inspired, to be Our “true” n’ #AUTHENTIC Selves…..

Question is, the Journeying is a Pendulum, n’ we can “vary” the Charge, of Positive or “Negative”

or Rather, Pleasant or “Unpleasant” or anything varying “Spectrum” in betwixt:

❤ Love is “Unlimited” n’ we have a “Choice” but “neither” is “bad” inherently:

in fact, it’s all a matter of how we “choose” n’ it’s our “Free” WILL:

❤ therefore we have the “Right” to Feel however we “Choose” to #FEEL:

o.O ❤ yup. our “Journey” is ours to “author” no one can “judge” nor “say” when “enough” is #ENOUGH:

❤ just keep “going” Brave #SOULSzz ❤ ❤ u will make it, if u keep “Going” :3 GodSpeed!……


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